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Buy Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers personalised with your logo design make excellent conference tip-on items because they promote hygiene while also showing off your unique branding. Here at Promo Planet we produce promotional hand sanitizers in a variety of styles with your customisation.

Why Branded Hand Sanitisers Are Important

Did you know that most common colds and flu can be prevented by simply having clean hands?  That's right our hands are our worst enemy especially when they come into close contact with eyes and ears which can easily transfer germs to you and your loved ones.  This unsettling reality is why we think you will find our range of custom printed hand sanitizers extremely useful.  Hand sanitizers are terrific as a promotional gift for several reasons.  Firstly hand sanitizers are compact and can be transported around easily.  Secondly, they require no water and no soap.  Simply dollop onto hands and rub.  The high alcohol concentration means that all residue evaporates and in the process, all nasty germs killed.  Have your logo branded onto these hand sanitizers to show your customer or your staff member that you care!

14 Products

14 Products