1. Promotions for Conferences

    Whether you are giving a speech, making a demonstration or just setting up a stall, conferences are a great place to get your organization's message out. But it's one thing to get that message to potential clients and customers, and another thing to make sure they remember you. How can you make sure that what you say sticks? The answer is to follow up on your pitch with a tangible object that reminds people of what you said. Or better, use a range of tangible objects to remind people of your company, your message and your product. Custom Printed Items Having given your pitch verbally, make sure that people have your words in written form. Use our print services to ensure that you have quality fliers, pamphlets or even posters bearing your message. If you're giving a presentation, this is an extremely important step in consolidating the audience's awareness of your brand. To make sure these papers don't get lost, try tucking them into a printed folder. Branded Pens and Notebooks Yes, these are a bit of an obvious one. Branded pens and notebooks are used in promotions everywhere. But the fact of the matter is that there's a reason for that. After all, it's very difficult to have too many pens or notebooks, and this leads to a very high uptake rate when branded pens and lanyards are being handed out. People at conferences need to write notes and exchange contact details with colleagues, and so these items will often see immediate use. Custom Printed USB Keys The high-tech equivalent of the pen-and-notebook combo. USB thumb drives are always popular, and best of all you can order them with your presentations, prospectuses, catalogues and other files preloaded onto them. With your logo on the outside of the drive and your files on the inside, it will be hard for people to forget you. Logo-printed Mugs If there's one thing conference goers need more than pens, it's something to drink coffee from. Caffeine makes the world of a conference go round, and quality coffee cups will be taken back to many offices and kitchens when the conference is over. For extra impact, PromoPlanet also provides mugs with chocolates or candy inside them, Promotional Tote Bags Well, now that you've given the conference attendees all those things, they're going to need somewhere to put them! Conference tote bags have a large branding area which has the advantage of showing off your logo whever their owners go. A high quality tote bag will be in use for ages after the conference is over, used for shopping, trips to the library and other small tasks. This keeps your logo visible for longer, both in the mind of the tote bag's owner and anyone they pass in the street. So next time you’re organising a conference, think of PromoPlanet. Remember: it’s not enough to be heard. You also have to be remembered.

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  2. Promotional Products for Autumn and Winter

    Autumn is here already, so can winter be far behind? Better put those branded beach towels and stubby holders back in the cupboard for a few months. But don't let the cold weather cool off your next promotion. There's a whole range of possibilities for you to get your brand out there and visible all through the colder months.


    Once it starts raining, all the umbrellas go up. Is your logo going to be on any of them? Branded umbrellas are great as giveaways, prizes or promotional sales items. Everyone needs them -- but they're always constantly losing them. Umbrellas are the fourth most commonly lost item on public transport, so no wonder there's an insatiable demand for more. Save your customers from the torrential Autumn rains, and earn their gratitude.

    Travel Mugs

    There's nothing like a warm beverage on a cold day -- assuming that it's still warm by the time you walk back from the coffee shop. Insulated travel mugs are a great way to keep hot drinks hot, and we provide a wide range of these handy items, ready to be printed or engraved with your brand artwork.


    Branded T-shirts make great promotional items in the summer, but they're hard to see under winter jackets. So why not just put your logo right onto a jacket? If you have staff who work outdoors in the winter, have your logo printed or embroidered on their jacket. Order matching jackets to help your sporting team warm up before their morning run. And while jackets are a little pricey for giveaways, they make great promotional sales items.

    Flashlights and Torches

    Daylight saving is over. Better be prepared for dark evenings. Pocket flashlights are great in those months when people arrive at home in the dark. Why fumble with your front door or letterbox when you have a pocket torch to help you see. And if your business or organisation services rural or outer suburban areas, your customers will be grateful to have these fun, eco-friendly wind-up flashlights in case of a power failure.

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  3. Best Care for Leather Accessories

    Leather gives any accessory a luxurious look and feel, durability, and you an elegant appearance. Whether your item is genuine leather or faux leather, you’ll want to keep it functional and looking brand new. So how do you maintain that fresh, elegant look? Here are our top tips to care for your leather accessories.

    Moisturise with Oil and Conditioner

    Much like our skin, all types of leather need good, conditioning moisture. So while we need to keep our leather dry, we don’t want it to get too dry. What happens when leather get too dry? The fibres in the material break instead of stretching - which is particularly the case for fake or faux leathers, which against popular belief are less durable than genuine leathers. Once the fibres begin to break you will see permanent cracks on the surface, hence why it's important to take care of your compendium units early.

    When applying any care product, a less visible patch of the material should be tested 24 hours before ensure there aren’t any undesired effects.

    Apply Oil

    Many types of oil, when applied to leather, will create a protective barrier from moisture-zapping UV sun rays.

    Apply Conditioner or Polish

    Dozens of products are available in the market for leather products. When applied, such products will keep the fibres soft and supple. Other benefits include forming a protective barrier against water and scuffs or scratches.

    Keep Leather Dry

    If you get caught in the rain or spill coffee at your desk, it’s possible to damage especially genuine leather by getting it too wet. When this happens, allow ample time for your accessory to dry thoroughly and slowly. Speediness in drying is more harmful to the material; normal room temperature air is best. Keep in mind, during the drying process your accessory should be stored in its natural position, so the material does not stretch the wrong way.

    Clean Spots Gently

    The best way to remove dirt and dust from leather is warm water and gentle wiping. Use of standard household soaps and chemical cleaning products is much too harsh but more importantly will have too much of a drying effect afterwards if your cleaning product isn't a moisturising one. Don’t forget to be gentle! High pressure can damage or remove the finish.

    Removing Ink

    When it comes to stains, warm water won’t work. There are many different tips for removing stains like pen ink from leather on the internet. No matter which method you choose, remember our first few tips to let it dry naturally and replace the moisture.

    Protect from Sun and Severe Temperatures

    The sun’s UV rays affect the molecules in the fibres, which can lead to cracking or bubbling of the finish. Severe heat or cold work similarly so you should not expose your leather to either for too long.

    Don’t Overstuff

    Leather, specifically genuine, stretches but does not stretch back. So it’s best to avoid adding overstuffing your accessories with too many items.

    All Room to Breathe

    Back to our first tip, a well-moisturised leather needs air and ventilation for the moisture to move and spread naturally through the fibres.

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  4. Buying Promotional Tote Bags

    When preparing for an expo or large scale event it is important that the bags you issue to your visitors and staff meet your requirements. After all, tote bags vary considerably in size and depending on what you have planned for your recipients during the day those bags might need to store quite a bit of written material or marketing merchandise. So where do you start?

    Gusset or No Gusset

    Tote Bag With Gusset  or  Tote Bag With No Gusset

    The biggest question is whether or not you require a tote bag with a gusset. The gusset feature allows for the tote bag to expand considerably which is handy when your recipients have to carry around larger objects that perhaps don't fit nicely into a standard bag without a gusset. However, if you're only handing out documents a gusset (which can add a few cents to the cost of each bag) might not be necessary at all.

    Non-Woven or Calico

    The other main decision you have to make is what material you'd like your tote bag made out of. Non-woven bags are popular at supermarkets and are available in a huge variety of colours. Many of our non-woven units are also made from recyclable material, so they're not a bad option for nature either. But plenty of people also enjoy the calico option, which are only available in a natural colour. While a little more expensive, the natural material used in calico is popular with recipients and their rustic look is perfect for events going back to basics.

    Print Colours

    Finally, you need to decide how many colours you would like printed on your bags and whether or not you need printing on both sides of the units. The more colours and positions, the higher the general cost per unit. If you're working on a budget a single colour print is very effective and doesn't break the bank.

    So there you have it, the main decisions to work through when you're after promotional tote bags!

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  5. Budget Friendly Compendiums

    Do you want to get your team their own compendium with your company branding but worried about costs? Well, worry won't get you anything cheap either but surely a couple of budget friendly options will do!

    Style and quality doesn't have to be sacrificed  when getting a budget priced compendiums. These options are made from non-leather materials such as Koskin and Ultrahyde which are some of the most popular type of artifical leather that gives the compendium the leather-like look and finish. 

    These non-leather alternatives gives the same stylish look and feel of genuine leather without paying the "price". Take this Custom Printed  Zippered A4 Compendium as an example. It is made from Koskin with white stitching and grey EVA interior contrast panels. It features internal gussested pocket, pen and business card holders as well as a lined pad which inserts from the top. 

    A4 Zippered Compendium Leather Look Closed

    A4 Zippered Compendium Leather Look- Inside

    There are also alternatives made from nylon with leather-look accents.

    Marino A4 compendium Black Nylon and Leather look Spine

    Apart from the material used, these are also Australian made, of high quality and made to last. They are available as pad covers and zippered compendiums in A4 and A5 sizes.Branding options are the same as the genuine leather compendiums such as screen or pad printing and debossing.

    So who can tell that your stylish compendium is budget friendly?





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  6. Summer Time Promotional Items 2016

    Long hot Australian summers are my absolute favourite. I know that I am not alone and that many Aussies feel the same way too. So what better way to maximise your brand value (or your event) with merchandise that is tailor made to suit our Summer Aussie way of life. So what are my suggestions for products that will really be a hit with your guests this hot summer of 2016? Check them out here below.

    Summersummer 2016 product ideas

    Personalised Items for BBQ's

    Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie. Where on earth did that phrase come from? Australians love a BBQ, but Aussies do not use the word shrimp (we call them prawns), and realistically most Australian BBQ's are with Steak, Snags and Burgers. Here are some great promotional item ideas that are perfect for BBQ's.

    bbq tongs

    Personalised Gear for the Beach

    Getting to the Beach on hot summer days is where most Australians will want to be. I have compiled some great items which will surely enhance your guests day out on the beach. 

    • Sunglasses
    • Frisbees
    • Sunscreen
    • Printed Bags of Candy

    Promo Products to Help Stay Cool

    Staying cool in Summer will be on the mind of most people on most days. Having a custom branded product, that will aid your guest, or potential customer in staying cool will definitely make your brand name or logo stand out. I have compiled a great list of products which I think will be an absolute hit for people trying to stay cool this Summer:

    Customised Items for Kids

    Summer is a great time for kids as there are heaps of school holidays. If you have a custom branded product for kids that are fun and interactive, not only will they be entertained and happy, but also their parents will be very thankful to you too. A win win for everyone, especially for your brand name that will be recognised by both parent and child. So here are my top picks for promotional products for kids.

    • Bubble Blowers
    • Printed Tile Puzzles
    • YoYo's
    • Colour in Sheets
    • Putty Tubs (like play-doh, but these actually bounce)
    • Bouncing Balls
    • Colour In Pencils

    I think this list of products will suit virtually any Australian business wishing to giveaway a corporate gift, or a general promotional item gift for their team members, existing clients or potential new clients. Take advantage of our fine Aussie Summers and take the opportunity to market your brand name with merchandise.

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  7. Marketing Idea for the Tech Savy

    These days it seems everywhere you look someone is staring down at a mobile, laptop, iPad or iPod. Technology is everywhere and has completely consumed our lives in one way or another. When your phone dies, how do you feel? It’s almost as though something important has been taken away and you cannot survive without it!

    Being stuck with no phone battery is inconvenient and annoying. No matter if it’s at the end of the day on the train home from work or late at night after a big evening out, it still bugs you… unless you have a power bank.

    Power banks are pocket sized friends that act as emergency battery chargers for the most popular range of smartphones. When your phone dies, your power bank is there to save the day. You simply plug the charger into your phone and it begins to restore it back to life- no wall sockets needed!

    Power banks are our life lifesavers, our knights in shining armour. They come in at the last minute and save you from a life of no texting or Instagram. They are the best because they are smaller than your phone, meaning you are sure to be able to carry them around everywhere you go.

    A great feature of power banks is that they can be customised with a family photo, company logo or text. Not only are they handy but they look super trendy alongside your smart phone! And if you’re sick of not being able to get through to your friends because their phones have died, they make for great gift ideas to ensure the communication is always flowing.

    These handy guys are great ways to increase your marketing campaign by branding them with your logo. Nearly everyone has a smart phone, so increase your company awareness every time someone pulls out their charger!


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  8. Promotion Tips for Start Up Business

    Starting a business will be quite challenging and there is one way you can establish our brand by promoting as much as you can. At this point there is no room for feeling inferior to other brands. The important thing is you get your brand across and make sure you are in the minds of your target customers when the time to make a buying decision comes.

    If you're under tight budget, creativity should step in. You need to make sure your advertising products and material will grab customer attention and convert it into sales. Consider the following suggestions.

    1. Choose the right FONT - whether ordering a promo item or putting up huge billboard, make sure the font you choose for your artwork and logo reflects your brand's personality. Choose a font thats attractive and easy to read. For instance, Helvetica is great in either small or huge prints.

    marketing and advertising

    2. Simple is BEST - although its tempting to give all you've got, your promotional merchandise should be designed simply. Avoid clutter that makes customers confused with your message. Consider Nike and how they managed to build a brand with a "check" logo.

    3. Do not suffer for identity crisis - always consider an unified approach, meaning you should not confuse your customers with different artwork/logo/colour scheme design. After all, there is a reason why companies like Coca cola have never veered away from their first brand design.

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  9. Create and Sustain Brand Visibility with Affordable Promotional Ite

    Create strong brand awareness by constant and consistent exposure of your brand to your target audience. They should see your brand as they sip morning coffee (logo on coffee mug); as they charge mobile phone in the car (printed car charger); as they open their drawer (branded key ring); or whenever they make phone call (logo on mobile phone case) etc.

    All these can be achieved with inexpensive but useful and sensible merchandise that are part of our everyday live. If you are new player remember the old adage "first impression lasts" still holds true.

    Improve Your Marketing Campaign with Brandable Items

    Once you have establised your brand in the hearts and minds of market, dont be lulled into thinking that you will hold that position forever, without continuous effort.

    Be a prominent name during public events by supporting local charities, sponsoring sports community or donating items at school affairs etc. More than creating brand awareness, you will establish your brand in the eyes of public. Promotional items are way more affordable than broadcast media ads and are just as effective in building and sustaining recognition of your business.

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  10. 5 Common Materials Used on Promotional Items

    There are practically hundreds of materials used in the manufacture of promotional items

    ABS plastic - ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is a lightweight yet though material highly resistant to impact and heat. Manufacturing modifications can be made to improve its physical properties, making it an ideal material for manucafture of mobile phone cases, small kitchen appliances, toys, luggage, and other household goods.

    PU Leather - made from split leather with coating of polyurethane to give it a smooth, shiny finish. It is highly pliable and stretches like spandex. Waterproof and very easly to clean and maintain, most commonly used on executive planners such as compendiums, table covers, card holders, document holders etc.

    PP - stands for polypropylene, a plastic polymer that can be used as structural plastic or fiber. This material is found in almost everything we use today. Very resistant to repetitive stress, making it an ideal material for containers that are fiswasher safe, water bottles, tumblers, notebooks, bags, etc.

    Polyester - plastic priduct invented in early 1940s in Britain that became popular as textile material as it is versatile, quick drying, mildew resistant, and easy maintenance. Products made from polyester include lanyards, visor, caps, conference tote bags, trade show bags, apparel, backpacks etc.

    Promotional products provide businesses with an affordable way to advertise their brand by directly reaching out to their target customers. It is possible largely because the materials used in manufacturing these are inexpensive for mass production.

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